Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time to update

We have been quite busy preparing for the gospel musical presentation, which will take place this Saturday (29th) afternoon. The event will include psalms, hymns, Kannada songs (yes we learned one more this year), Scripture reading, and sharing testimonies. Hopefully, many of the children we taught at VBS will attend and will once again hear the truths of the gospel. We are also working on a skit portraying the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac and God's asking Abraham to kill his son. Aaron will be acting as Abraham, and Nick Rao will act as Isaac. The theme for this year's musical presentation is "Abundant Life."
The evening seminars taught by Dr. Rao have gone well so far, and many people from both English and Kannada background have attended, and Pastor Babu has translated each of the lectures into Kannada. So far, the themes covered have been the importance of God's Word, how to interpret God's Word, Christ's church, and the sacraments. Tomorrow (Friday) will be the last lecture.
By way of prayer, here are some requests:
-that God would bring unsaved people to the gospel musical presentation, and that God would be working in their hearts to bring them to Him
-that we would prepare well for the presentation and do it in a God-glorifying manner.
-that God would give us wisdom as we plan to take a short out of town trip somewhere next week.

May our Lord get all the glory!


  1. Hey Guys!

    Looks like the Lord is really doing a good work through all of you there! You are in my prayers and I pray that Christ will bless all of your labors. Great pictures by the way.

    See you when you get back!

    In Christ,

  2. It's great to hear another update of the wonderful things that God is doing through you all. I'm praying for all of you as you strive to further the Kingdom!

    In Christ's Abundant Love,